Breakfast Radish

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I start a garden this time of year?

My friend gave me a ton of seeds and told me to start a garden. But my grannie says none of them will grow because you have to plant in spring. I know certain plants are seasonal, but I really got my hopes up and I don't want to wait till next year!
The ones I wanted to plant are scarlet carrots, gold rush lettuce, red lettuce, giant chard, french breakfast radishes, yellow onions, sweet peppers, yellow cucumbers, and german tomato.
It will be my first garden and I'm ready to work hard! But it is late there any hope??

Best Answer...


I admire your spirit, but the time to start from seed has long past, at least as far as what you have. The only thing I could see maybe starting from seed at this point would be lettuces, and acorn or butternut squash, but even those are a stretch. If you really want to have a garden, it’s not too late!

Check out some of your local nurseries and places where they sell vegetable plants. Many places still have stragglers for sale at discount prices. By planting decent size plants now, you could still have some luck before this summer is all said and done. The good news is that many of your seeds will still be viable for next year. You’ll love it. Do some reading on the particular varieties you wish to plant late winter/early spring, and find a nice sunny window. Best of luck.