Bromeliad Neoregelia

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How Do I Mount Bromeliad Neoregelia Zoe?

I want to mount my Neoregilia Zoe in my frog terrarium to a piece of driftwood. I have already tried doing so but it comes right out. There is a spot for mounting on it. The roots and small and twisted, not long and grasping. How would I do so? help.
The mom also has 3 pups thast i just separated.

Best Answer...


Neoregelia 'Zoe' can be mounted in several ways. Your main concern is that it is in an upright position so the water will stay in the cup of the plant and not run out. Once the plant stays in the same position for a while it will develop roots which hold it to the driftwood. I have mounted Neoregelia differently depending on where they are going. You need to decide which is best for your driftwood and for your frogs.

1. You can use an adhesive like Shoe Goo or something similar. This sets up fast and the Neo can be placed in any orientation. Glues like this are solvent based and may not be good for the frogs.
2. Low temperature hot glue sets up faster and is also quick.
3. Drill a small hole through the woody part of the stolen and into the driftwood. Secure it with a small screw. Because of the frogs you might ask at the hardware store for a stainless steel screw.
4. Drill a small hole in the driftwood. Wrap the base of the bromeliad with thread, monofiliment fishing line, or thin wire and feed it through the hole in the driftwood and knot it on the back side.

I have used these techniques and they all work. Good luck with it