Hybrid Mix

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can you help locate a breeder for Cav-a-malt (aka Maltalier) puppies?

We are trying to locate a breeder for Cavalier King Charles/Maltese hybrid mix puppies. I've found several in Australia but I've been unsucessful finding one in the US. Does anyone have a maltalier that can direct me to a breeder? I've literally spent hours searching online....I'm looking for a blenheim female that will likely stay under 10-12 pounds at adulthood.

Best Answer...


You are in luck.
I am a breeder of Cav-a-malts-actually the proper name for this breed is Malt-a Cavs
All of my Malt-A-Cavs stay between 10-12 pounds. Guaranteed.

I guarantee all my mutts, I mean Designer dogs, until you walk off the property with them.

Because these are so special, they will cost you more then a purebred of either of the breed. However you understand that when you want something so rare, it costs.

I am thinking $2,000 non refundable of course.

These rare dogs are registered with the Sucker Born Every Minute (SBEM) registry and will come with their papers,appropriately printed on a roll of Charmin....

I shall now go bang my head on the desk.