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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do i get you tube videos to automatically play?

i know i can put a you tube video in my profile but the person has to hit the play button to get it to play. is there any code i can put in that will make the video automatically play when the page loads up?

Best Answer...


You have to be a YouTube "partner", which more-or-less means you are either
a film / video creator or producer, an artist (musician, singer, comedian, actor),
a media company, an advertiser, a broadcaster, a person of great significance
(like President Barack Obama) or somebody with a special project or mission
(like Shawn Ahmed and his Uncultured Project for the children of Bangladesh).

But that is not enough to become a "partner". YouTube has even more criteria:
-- You create your own original videos (meaning videos nobody else has done)
-- The content is 100% yours (there aren't any elements that belong to others)
-- You own all of the implied copyrights
-- Your videos are viewed by thousands
-- You upload videos on a regular basis
-- The videos are suitable for all viewers
-- You are a resident in one of the 19 countries where YouTube has local sites
-- You can prove you are 18+ years old.

Generally, YouTube will not consider you unless you've got some combination
of "subscribers" and "videos" that when multiplied together can easily surpass
10,000 channel views. Thus, you would need, for example, something like 800
subscribers and 20 videos or maybe 500 subs and 30 vids -- as well as a total
view count close to the 1,000,000 mark.

Only after you have met all those conditions and been "approved" by YouTube,
they will give you all the special tools and codes which will enable you to have:
-- an 875x75px banner for your channel, 875x150 if you're "corporate" branded
-- a mini-banner beside each played video
-- your channel-page video on "auto-play" ◄
-- "special" videos more than 10:59 long
-- automatic higher quality to your videos
-- unique skins/sizes for the video player
-- more options for your video thumbnails
-- extra boxes: links, bulletins, contacts
-- another picture for your "connect" box
-- option of animated GIF for background
-- being at the very top of search results
-- the possibility of earning "ad revenue"
-- the light-bulb "watch at night" feature if your "account type" is as a "director"
-- a "More From" section which overrides the regular "Related Videos" section
and featuring only your uploaded videos.

If you wish to know more, go to the top righthand corner of any YouTube page,
click "Help", and type "partner" in the searchbox. Or click on either link below:

I hope you find all my info a little helpful.