Idler Arm

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do you replace an idler arm if its severed and about to snap?

my idler arm is snapping and making my car make a weird steaming like noise how do i replace it

Best Answer...


This might depend of the type of car. However, on most modern cars, it is pretty easy (if you have small arms =) ).
First, use a wrench on the belt tensioner to remove tension from the belt, so you can remove it. (likely a 15mm or 17mm). Turning Clockwise will loosen all tensioners. It is a tight spring, so linking two wrenches, or using a pipe on the end of the wrench will make this a lot easier.
With the belt off, you can attack the idler. The idler will likely use the same size wrench the tensioner did. Turn the bolt counter-clockwise. Replace the idler.

On an old car, just remove the belts, and remove the idler by turning the center bolt counter-clockwise.