Brush Chipper

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I'm thinking of buying a brush chipper. I would like to know what brands people like and why.?

Best Answer...


I bought a homeowner type chipper a few years ago and it was one of the worst investments I have ever made. Mine has an 8 HP motor and is rated for a three inch stick. Realistically it will only chip a stick that size if it is green softwood. I use it as a shredder for leaves and garden waste to speed up composting. That's about all its good for. Now I let brush pile up and once a year I rent a commercial chipper for a weekend. Things to look for include hydraulic feed rollers. Without them you have to push the wood through the chipper. With them once the wood is in the machine you can leave it alone and grab the next piece. Another important feature is a chip blower. Without one the chips just fall on the ground under the machine. It doesn't take long for the pile to reach the bottom of the machine, then you have to move the chips out of the way or the machine will clog. To handle wood of any size you will want at least 18 horsepower. 25 is better. Unless you plan to use it a lot, it is less expensive to rent than to own. another benefit of renting is someone else does all the maintenance.