Front Tine

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to I fix hard clay like soil with hard rock like clumps?

I have a clay like soil, and it has very hard dirt clod's as hard as rock. It's workable, (hard work) when wet but VERY HEAVY! I tried rotor tilling it, that barely works, the clods just fly away. Any idea as to how to amend this type of soil?

Best Answer...


Were you using a front tine tiller? If so, you might want to try a rear tine tiller. They do better with heavy soils.

If even that doesn't work, then I'd suggest looking up "lasagna" composting/'s a method of putting large amounts of compost and organic material, letting it settle for months or through the winter, and doing it repeatedly thereafter.

There's no magic fix other than adding organic mater to the soil over the course of years.