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How do I setup my rewind start on my Evinrude 2hp outboard?

I have a 1975 Evinrude 2hp outboard (Model 2504D) and I took it apart years ago to work on it but never got around to it. I'm setting it back up but I forget how to set the rewind starter back up. The pull cord is attached to a pulley. The pulley has a notch in it to line it up with the spring which is installed on a drum. How exactly do I install it so it works again? Do I wind the pull cord around the pulley completely and not around the drum? Or do I wind it around the drum? When installing the pulley do I wind it backwards against the spring so it retracts? I believe I do but I have totally forgotten. Just pretend you are trying to explain this to somebody who has never done this before because its been so long I have totally forgotten. Thanks for any help.

Best Answer...


I'd try preloading the spring with the pull cord fully extended. Check the operation of the recoil and adjust if necessary.

Good Luck!