Flame Defender

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Flame Defender

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Sunlight Supply Presents: Flame Defender Demonstration - Self Activated Fire Extinguisher

Popping Pimples: Desired Or Condemned?

You think you have a beautiful face. Actually you have. Acne attack has come like a bolt from the blue. You thought that such things can never happen to you. You are frustrated and angry with you. You begin to lose temper. You wish to pop all the pimples.

But caution. Don't do these two things.

Do not lose temper and do not tamper with your face! Popping pimples is no solution. If you pop one acne, another four will appear in its support, by next morning.

Opinions on popping or squeezing pimples differ. Articles on the subject contradict each other. Why should you carry the pus formation on your face? Pop it up says one section of the people. Others counsel you against it. By doing so, you are inviting more troubles, as the bacteria will spread to other parts of the non-affected area of the face.

Squeezing method to get rid of pimples is dubbed as the play of the perverted mind. You may own this habit permanently and become slave of it. It doesn't look decent either. Rather, it is an ugly habit.

But if you get rid of the pimples overnight, due to some special reasons, popping them up seems to be the only alternative. Some say that it should be done on a selective basis, zit by zit. Do this to get rid of the pus formation in 'ripe' zits, but don't do this to red, just appeared pimples. If at all you need to use the needles, use the sterilized ones. Wrong application of the needle may give a fresh lease of life to your pimple cluster.

If you have decided to pop up the pimples, do it with precaution. Wash your hands before you commence the operation. Puncture the top of the pimples lightly with utmost care, with a sanitized needle. For this purpose, you can use alcohol or give it a flame touch. Your attempt to do away with the zits should not result in scars.

Popping pimples is not the end of your problems. Post-popping steps are very much necessary for you to follow. Over the counter medications to be used during the day and night are available in plenty, but here again the choice needs to be made in consultation with your dermatologist. Proper maintenance of your face needs the experienced and expert advice.

In accordance with the expert's advice, use gentle cleansers, facial scrubs, day and night creams or skin-exfoliates. These need to be applied with soft touch of your hands, as the acne-prone skin is already in a delicate condition.

Follow those methods only, which are easy to implement. Unless you look after your facial skin in a proper manner, you will find it difficult to fight acne completely. Popping up pimples is no permanent solution. It is just the beginning of other processed pimples. It is one of the initial actions of the total awareness campaign. Eradication of the acne problem once for all is the goal of that campaign.To read more articles on acne, visitacne treatmentandacne skincare

Article Source: http://www.simplysearch4it.com/article/51804.html
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